Bring it on Back!

Last week I was feeling a little depressed with my never-ending hunt for a ‘day job’ as an admin assistant. I was finding it difficult to concentrate on making some new jewellery to complete an actual order I had from my pharmacist. But after stepping outside of my usual day-to-day activities and changing things up a bit, I was finally able to sit down at my desk and apply myself…


I had a mobile jewellery sale scheduled for last Friday back at my former workplace, and I had been asked for something bright red with gold accents – either a necklace or a bracelet – that my pharmacist could wear with her new red pants.



After procrastinating for a few days, making other jewellery, and staring into my red bead stash, I finally came up with a few pieces for her to choose from:


glass, crystal and acrylic necklace and earrings with brass and 18K gold plated earwires 



crystal, brass and red coral necklace with 18K gold plate


red lampworked glass heart pendant with brass accent bead and 18K gold plated chain 

I recently embraced new technology and finally got a new cell phone, then ordered ‘The Square’, since I am doing a few mobile sales this fall. It arrived in the mail the day before my sale, so I was able to set it up and figure out how to process credit card sales using my cell phone now, in addition to accepting cash sales. It was a little fiddly to figure out at first, but eventually I was able to get it to work as advertised. A great little gizmo to expand horizons for small businesses like me!


Things went well on Friday (after slow sales on the last few outings), and it was great to catch up with some of my former co-workers again!


As for the red jewellery creations for my pharmacist, can you guess which piece she picked?







Fred – a store – handmade gifts & costume jewellery design


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